Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 104

Python at CodeCademy. Worked on Python tutorial 11 of 19, Functions, Here Be Dragons! Checked out everything available in the math module.

The code used:
import math            # Imports the math module
everything = dir(math) # Sets everything to a list of things from math
print everything       # Prints 'em all!

The code for this interaction:
'copysign', 'cos', 'cosh', 'degrees', 'e', 'erf', 'erfc', 'exp', 'expm1', 'fabs', 'factorial', 'floor', 'fmod', 'frexp', 'fsum', 'gamma', 'hypot', 'isinf', 'isnan', 'ldexp', 'lgamma', 'log', 'log10', 'log1p', 'modf', 'pi', 'pow', 'radians', 'sin', 'sinh', 'sqrt', 'tan', 'tanh', 'trunc']

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